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How to Submit Your Work to PBL Limited

Write to us for a proposal form (please enclose a self-addressed, stamped, business-sized envelope) or use the links below to download the form.

Send the completed form by regular mail, along with the first chapter or first 25 pages of your manuscript.

Please enclose a self-addressed envelope which is large enough to return your materials, stamped with adequate postage to return the package to you. Submissions which do not include a self-addressed envelope with adequate postage will not be returned.

We will review your submission and respond within 60 days. We may offer suggestions for revisions. If we believe your book has potential, we will ask you to forward the entire manuscript for our review.

There is no charge to the author for reviewing proposals, reading manuscripts, or publishing books. Because we are a commercial publisher, we accept only books which we feel will be financially successful for both the author and the publisher.

Once we have accepted your book, we will assemble and edit your book, design a unique cover, and assign an international standard book number (ISBN). Proofs will be returned to you in electronic format for your review. Your book will then be published.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Download Book Proposal Form (PDF version)

Download Book Proposal Form (Word version)

Download sample manuscript format (PDF version)

Author Handbook and Guidelines (PDF version)


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