On the Riverfront:

Ottumwa, Iowa from Turkey Island to the Mixmaster

Ottumwa, Iowa has been a river town from the moment settlers chose the spot along the banks of the Des Moines River in 1844. Islands come and go; water levels rise and fall; floods sweep through; bridges are built, taken down, and rebuilt. The river changes and even moves, but it continues to provide water, food, and fun, supporting industry and transportation B and remaining the heart of the community.

Images from the Lemberger Collection

 Photographer and archivist Michael W. Lemberger began collecting images at the age of eight when he discovered a cache of glass negatives in his great-aunt's attic. In the next 60 years he amassed more than a million images, including his own photographs and those of other professional and dedicated amateur photographers. The Lemberger Collection (www.mlemberger.com) has been called the largest and best-documented privately-owned collection in the world.

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