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Mourning has Broken

Loren N. Horton

At some point in our lives, we must all deal with grief and mourning. Because psychologists talk about the stages of grief, we expect that our progress through this unwelcome but unavoidable valley will be steady – first this, then that, as we move from stage to stage.

But grief is more like a twilight zone – an area where things aren’t always what they seem. Where it may seem one day that we’ve reached the far edge of grief, only to find that it rises up and attacks us from an unexpected direction.

When Loren Horton’s beloved wife Carol succumbed to cancer, he turned to poetry – a refuge throughout his life – to express his feelings of loss, of anger, of confusion, of overwhelming sadness. In Mourning Has Broken, he shares his work on dealing with grief – his journey through the twilight zone and into a very different, but no less joyful, morning.

Loren N. Horton is the retired senior historian of the State Historical Society of Iowa. His interests include the social history of the nineteenth century. He is the author of several collections of poetry and also writes history books and stage plays.

His other books include Evasive Dreams, A Richer Dust Concealed, and Iowa's Proud Heritage.

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