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The Meerkat Family Album

Meerkats are members of the mongoose family, living in southern Africa in the Kalahari Desert. Somewhat like American prairie dogs, they burrow for shelter and eat mostly insects and grubs.

Extremely social animals, they live in groups called gangs. Some members forage while others baby-sit. At least one member of the gang is always on guard, usually standing high on his back legs to improve his view.

But what if the meerkat gang took over the world?

Spirit of '76

Van Eyk Angel

Meerkat Bobbie

Meerkat Gothic

Meerkat's Mother

Meerkats on the Moon

Meerkat Self-Portrait

Santa Meerkat

Uncle Meerkat Wants You!

Meerkat Wizard

Each image in the Meerkat Family Album is produced by graphically combining the artist's photos of live meerkats with his other photographs or with famous images to produce satiric and parody portraits.

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