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Items from the Bluegrass

Personal columns by Evelyn Sinclair Tierney

For several years, Evelyn Sinclair Tierney collected tidbits of news from her home town to be published

in a local newspaper. Her weekly columns form a casual history of the Irish community of Melrose, Iowa,

and the surrounding area -- the people, the places, the memories, and the friendships.

This nostalgic collection includes tales of grandmothers and grandchildren, old dogs and new tricks,

Easter bonnets, train engines, ghostly houses, war heroes and everyday men and women,

community growth and change, old friends gone and new ones found.

Evelyn Sinclair Tierney was born in Monroe County and has lived most of her life in or near

the small Irish community of Melrose, Iowa. She is also the author of

But Of Course They Were Irish, a history of Melrose now in its third printing.

She wrote a regular column for the Albia Iowa Union-Republican and has

written feature stories for other area newspapers.

116 pages  $ 19.99

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Evelyn Tierney is also the author of

But of Course They Were Irish,

the history of Melrose, Iowa

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