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Interludes & Lunch

William A. Spradley

A Collection of Short Stories

Ranging from quirky to tender, from funny to touching, from captivating to whimsical, from sweet to outright sly, this collection of short stories includes something for everyone. More than twenty stories display the many moods of Bill Spradley as his good-humored heroes travel from the United States to the Netherlands to Spain and beyond, eating, drinking, occasionally carousing, and  falling in and out of love B or lust, as the case may be.  


William A. Spradley has spent most of his life traveling the world, serving in the United States Navy and working for an aerospace company which sent him to Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. He has lived in Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Scotland. Though he began writing after retirement at the prompting of a friend, his short stories have won numerous prizes. He is also the author of Cold Trail, a collection of short stories.

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