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Forever Changed

The Men of Monroe County Iowa in the Civil War

by Lawrence H. Myers

When several Southern states seceded from the Union in 1861, the young men of Monroe County, Iowa, responded to the call to duty. Nearly 10 percent of the residents of Monroe County -- 737 men from a total population of 8,600 men, women and children -- volunteered to serve in the Union Army.

Some of them returned from the war and continued to live and work in the local area, some returned wounded, and some never returned, having made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation and state. All who served were


Lawrence H. Myers spent years searching Civil War archives and records of service, seeking out Monroe County men who served their nation during the War Between the States. He was born and raised in Albia, Iowa. After service during the Korean War and a career as a teacher, he began research into Monroe County's Civil War servicemen in 2004.

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