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Twenty Years of Floods

Ottumwa and Southeast Iowa

In the spring of 1993, the rains began across the upper Midwest, filling lakes and rivers to capacity. With flood control reservoirs at their limits, Ottumwa and southeast Iowa braced for the impact.

Photographer Michael W. Lemberger documented the historic Great Flood of 1993 both in his hometown of Ottumwa, Iowa and up and down the Des Moines and Mississippi Rivers. This unique collection of aerial and ground-level color photos shows the impact of high water in southeastern Iowa during that flood and others in the twenty years since.

Michael W. Lemberger has been a professional photographer for more than 60 years. He began collecting images at the age of eight and owns more than a million photos. The Lemberger Collection has been called the largest and best-documented privately-owned collection in the world.

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