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Cold Trail

William A. Spradley

A Collection of Short Stories

Bill Spradley is back with a second collection of quirky and captivating short stories. COLD TRAIL includes wry humor and touching sadness, wicked twists and unexpected tangents. In these stories, the Nebraska native also touches the darker side, with tales of life in the Sandhills and pioneers on the sod house frontier. 

"Spradley has an ear for dialogue and clever phrasing." ‑‑ St. Louis Post‑Dispatch

William A. Spradley has spent most of his life traveling the world, serving in the United States Navy and working for an aerospace company which sent him to Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. He has lived in Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Scotland. Though he began writing after retirement at the prompting of a friend, his short stories have won numerous prizes. He is also the author of Interludes & Lunch.

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