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Just a hundred years ago, venturing into the air was a daredevil's challenge -- a breathtaking adventure. Now airline passengers are more concerned about security checkpoints, lost luggage, and bad food service, and flying has become so commonplace we sometimes forget the wonder of soaring into the clouds.

From barnstormers to commercial jets, from balloons and parachutes to massive transport planes, from the days of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart to pilot training during World War II to the moment Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon -- this collection of rare and iconic aviation images spans the length and breadth of a century of flight.

"This photographic treasure... is a salute to those who made aviation into its many forms..." -- Robert L. Taylor, founder, Antique Airplane Association

"This collection of vintage photographs captures the mystique of that earlier time ... the aroma of aviation gasoline and engine oil." -- Robert C. Mikesh, retired senior curator, National Air and Space Museum

Images from The Lemberger Collection

Photographer and archivist Michael W. Lemberger began collecting images at the age of eight when he discovered a cache of glass negatives in his great-aunt's attic. In the next 60 years he amassed more than a million negatives, including his own photographs and those of other professional and dedicated amateur photographers.

The Lemberger Collection (www.mlemberger.com) has been called the largest and best-documented privately-owned collection in the world.

AVIATION includes rare images of The Spirit of St. Louis, Amelia Earhart, the moon landing, the first sabotage of a jet aircraft in the United States, and many locations and planes of Midwestern and national interest.

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