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Frank Carr

After retiring from a military career as a public health administrator, Frank Carr entered into a second career in civilian health care administration, administering acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, addiction treatment programs, and mental health services. In 1998 he began adding humorous one-liners to his emails, and found that people were sometimes more interested in the signature lines than the subject matter. He is the author of


Katlyn Daniels

Katlyn Daniels has been writing and drawing since second grade. A resident of Denver, Colorado, she is currently a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Argosy University. Katlyn's work has been featured in local, regional and national publications. Alligator Blues is her first collection of poetry for children.

Alligator Blues

LeeAnn Dickey

LeeAnn Dickey started researching her own family tree, then branched out to look up records for others. Her search for the families of Buxton, Iowa, an integrated coal-mining community in Monroe County, Iowa, led her to assemble the most complete set of Buxton records in existence, documenting the black residents of Buxton through marriage records, censuses, cemetery lists, and photographs.

Buxton Roots, Buxton Branches, Eddyville

Jo'an Hennen

A watercolor artist, Jo'an Hennen turned to writing poetry when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her poems -- "little thoughts", she calls them -- helped her to cope with the discomforts and sleepless nights caused by chemotherapy. She taught preschool and kindergarten, and with her husband John raised eleven children. She is the author of


Loren N. Horton

Loren N. Horton was senior historian of the State Historical Society of Iowa. His interests include the social history of the nineteenth century, particularly funeral and burial customs in England and the United States. In addition to writing poetry and history, Horton has written plays and is presently at work on a mystery novel. He is the author or co-author of

A Richer Dust Concealed

Rarer Gifts than Gold

The Narrow Gate

Iowa's Proud Heritage

Evasive Dreams

Tony Humeston

Tony Humeston was born and raised in Albia, Iowa. After 40 years in business, he retired and moved back to his home town, where he writes between hunting and fishing trips. He is the author of four novels and numerous magazine articles.


Janet Jenkins

Janet Jenkins writes a personal column for the Albia, Iowa, newspapers. Her feature stories and op-ed pieces have been published in the Chicago Tribune, the Des Moines Sunday Register, The Iowan, WingWorld, and other newspapers and magazines. She has won numerous awards from Iowa Press Women and other writers' groups. She is the author of


Michael W. Lemberger

Michael W. Lemberger received more than a hundred national and state awards during seventeen years as a newspaper photographer. He works in film, video, and digital media as well as creating pen-and-ink drawings. He has taught photo seminars at the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. View more drawings and photographs at www.mlemberger.com. He is the author or co-author of

Twenty Years of Floods

St. Joseph Hospital: More than Century of Caring


Railroads of Southeast Iowa

Above Ottumwa

One Man's Vision

Mars Hill: A Living Legacy


Ottumwa (vintage postcards)


Focus on Photos

David Longdo

David Longdo is a postcard collector and historian. His collection of local history and themed postcards number in the thousands. He is the author of

Coming Up Dry: Postcards of the Temperance Movement and Prohibition

Leigh Michaels

Leigh Michaels is the author of more than 80 contemporary romance novels and a number of non-fiction books. More than 30 million copies of her books have been printed in 25 languages around the world. For more information about her, visit her website at www.leighmichaels.com. She is the author or co-author of

Twenty Years of Floods

St. Joseph Hospital: More than Century of Caring


Railroads of Southeast Iowa

Above Ottumwa

Writing Between the Sexes

Mars Hill: A Living Legacy

Focus on Photos

Creating Romantic Characters

Bob Nandell

A retired Des Moines Register photographer, he lives in West Des Moines and continues to enjoy writing poetry and taking photographs. He is the author of

Offerings & Sacrifices

Maple Street Stories

Sue Parrish

Sue Parrish is a retired museum curator and lifelong historian who enjoys writing about local history in Southeastern Iowa. She is the author of

Days Gone By

Evelyn Tierney

Evelyn Tierney has lived most of her life in or near the small Irish settlement of Melrose, Iowa.

She is the author of a history and a collection of columns about her hometown.

But of Course They Were Irish

Items From the Bluegrass

Leo R. Ward

A native of Melrose, Iowa, Leo R. Ward was a Catholic priest, a professor of philosophy at Notre Dame University, the driving force behind new developments in Catholic higher education in the mid-20th century, and the author of several popular novels. He is the author of

Concerning Mary Ann

Holding Up The Hills

God in an Irish Kitchen

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