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Author's Handbook and Guidelines

"PBL's Author Handbook is a must-have for any new author.

I wish my publisher had given me one when I landed my first book deal."

-- Rachelle Chase, author of Sex Lounge and Sin Club

Even for authors who have finished writing their books, the publishing world remains a mystery. What should the author expect from the publisher, and what does the publisher expect from the author?

How should a manuscript be formatted? How should it be packaged and mailed? What is copy-editing and how is it different from content editing? How do publishers set deadlines, and what happens if the author can't meet them? Who decides what goes on the cover and what illustrations to use? How should the author mark page proofs and how many changes can the author make? What should be included in a publicity kit? How can the author best promote himself and get media interviews, book reviews, and autograph parties?

In this helpful guide, the editorial director of PBL Limited, a small commercial publishing firm, gives a down-to-earth, step by step guide to writing, submitting, editing, producing, and promoting a book.

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